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Yule Marble Quarried in Colorado

The Yule Marble is now the official rock of Colorado.

Congratulations to the Junior Girl Scout Troop 357 of Lakewood, Colorado. They had petitioned the State Legislature to have the Yule Marble designated as their state rock. The Govenor of Colorado officially signed this project into law March 9, 2004.

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George Yule was prospecting in Gunnison County in Colorado and named a small creek after himself - the YULE Creek, which it is still known by. Sometime later a lovely white marble was found upstream and being along side the Yule Creek was called the Yule marble. The marble is highly prized for its quality and color. The quarry is located about 4 miles out of Marble, Colorado.

National Monuments, which are made from the YULE Marble, are the Lincoln memorial, Tomb of the Unknown soldier, and the Women in Military Service Memorial in Arlington, VA cemetery plus other buildings in San Francisco and New York City.

George Yule was born 30 June 1835 in the Grange Parish of Banffshire, Scotland. His parents were John Yule and Janet Thompson. He married Lizzie McBurney in 1896 and he died 8 August 1910 in Gunnison County.

His father, John Yule was born 11 May 1794 in the parish of Tough, Aberdeenshire. He died 7 February 1880 in Iowa. His parents were John Yule 1765-1840 and Elizabeth Cooper 1770-1812.

Colorado Yule Quarry

The Colorado Yule Quarry is the only location where Yule Marble is mined
Colorado State Museum

Yule marble was used in the Colorado State Museum which was built in 1895

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Colorado Airport

This elevator which is found at the Colorado Airport is made with Yule Marble.


The main staircase of the Capitol Building, Colorado built in 1895.